Why You Shouldn't Serve Sparking Wine In A Plastic Glass

December 7, 2017

© Dkidpix | Dreamstime

One way to ruin a good bottle of the bubbly is to serve it in a plastic cup.  That's one of the observations scientist have found in studying the bubbles in sparkling wines and champagne.  They found out the bubbles behave very differently when not in a traditional glass, becoming bigger and clinging onto the sides of a plastic cup rather than flowing in a stream of smaller bubbles while in a slender, flute-shaped glass. Drinking your bubbly from a flute can enhance the flavor of the wine far more than a wider coupe glass, due to the way the bubbles are released on the surface. For even more flavor, serve in an etched, flute glass which aid the release of the steady stream of bubbles and enhance the taste.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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