Why You Should Wrap Your Car's Key Fob In Aluminum Foil

July 11, 2018

© Alexandr Kornienko | Dreamstime

Today's cars, trucks and suv's are more computer than machine and while wireless connections have made starting and locking your vehicle more convenient, it also making it more convenient for thieves to steal your car right in your driveway! You key fob transmits a coded radio signal to your car to do an array of activities including locking or unlocking the doors and starting the vehicle. Your vehicle is always checking for a signal from your fob and that's where thieves can obtain devices that copy those codes so they too can operate your car!  Even as your fob sits on the kitchen counter, an amplification device can listen to your fob, get its codes and re-direct it to your car to steal it from you in broad daylight and with setting off alarms. It is something the auto industry and insurance companies are monitoring closely.  Cyber security firms have been working with auto manufacturers to protect them from hackers.  In the meantime, security experts says it is worth making a few dollar investment in purchasing a Faraday shield, which is a zip-lock style bag or case that blocks electromagnetic signals, like the radio waves your fob uses, from being transmitted or received to prevent a potential theft. You can also disrupt the key fob signal by placing it inside an empty metal coffee can or wrap it in a couple layers of aluminum foil.


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