Why You Should Sing Along With The Radio

August 4, 2017

© Adamgregor | Dreamstime

There are times when you are in the car and your favorite song comes on the radio.  It’s the start of an impromptu concert with the singing styles of...YOU!  Whether it's in the shower or with your best friends, singing out loud is very healthy!  Singing releases endorphins, which helps elevate mood, and you also release oxytocin, which alleviates anxiety and can help you feel good.  It's exercise!  Well that a bit of a stretch but those deep breaths you take before belting out s song brings more oxygen to your blood and improving circulation. And it may be brain food as you sing, right temporal lobe is activated, and your brain's neurotransmitters start connecting in totally different ways. So sing loudly and proudly, even if you think you can't sing!  Your body will thank you.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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