Why You Should Shower Before Entering A Swimming Pool Or Hot Tub

April 12, 2017


It's posted on the rules and every public pool has one but rarely do you find people showering off before they enter a pool or hot tub. Perhaps it is the mystery as to why you'd need to shower off before entering a vat of water.  But there is a fairly important reason to cleanse off before taking a dip. Pools and hot tubas, especially public ones, are heavily chlorinated to treat the water and keep it safe to use. In many cases, that treated water interacts with sweat, lotions, beauty products and even urine.  The by-product in many cases is a chlorinated gas that can cause skin and breathing problems.  In fact, many swimmers are prone to exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction (EILO), which has symptoms similar to asthma like breathlessness or wheezing. Showering ahead of time reduces the reaction risk as you slip into the pool.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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