Why You Should Embrace Squatting Daily

November 28, 2017

© Felix Mizioznikov | Dreamstime

There is very little debate that health experts says we spend too much time sitting, especially for a good portion of the workforce.  Many offices have installed standing desks to combat the issue but that too can be a problem.  While a sedentary lifestyle that goes along with it, has been linked to heart disease and a decreased range of mobility, standing all day can also increase your risk of developing heart disease too.  But the solution may be to squat. Scientists say squatting is natural and a primitive move that you see on a regular basis with toddlers and other people of the world.  However the practice seemed to fall out of favor because it is considered primitive. Health experts say squatting regularly and properly can help improve range of motion and strengthen muscles throughout the lower body, which not only should help fight off heart issues but aid in aches and pains, especially lower back and neck pains. Wither you sit, stand or do a combination of the two daily, you should incorporate squatting from time to time. The consensus is to not remain in one position too long.  So if you are able to squat in good form and without pain, try squatting for a few minutes at a time. Your muscles, joints and heart will thank you for it.


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