Why You Should Avoid Automatic Car Washes

December 26, 2017

© 22tomtom | Dreamstime

It may be a long time since you washed your car but when it comes to rinsing away the dirt and filth, skip the automatic carwash! According to a top-tier paint supplier to the automotive industry, automatic car washes are like rubbing sandpaper on your paint.  Those bristles and fingers used to scrub off dirt are themselves covered in dirt.  All those pieces of dirt road are mostly made up of small bits of rock which hard and abrasive. Even the brushless automatic washes are hard on your paint as the pressure of the water scatters those dirt particles and can bounce them from one area of your car to another.  Evidence of the damage are called “spiderweb scratch,” which basically looks how it sounds. Virtually all cars come with some level of scratch-resistant clear-coat straight from the factory, which should provide some level of protection. It’s really only a concern if you take it to a carwash repeatedly, over the course of a number of years. So if you do choose the automatic wash, do it on occasion and opt for a hand wash from time to time.

SOURCE: Jalopnik

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