Why Woman Are Better Multitaskers Than Men

November 18, 2016

© Vesna Njagulj | Dreamstime

Science offers an explanation as to why women are better at multitasking than men and it comes down to how our brains are wired and how much energy is used to operate. According to new research, men need to use more energy and more parts of their brain if they want to shift their attention than women doing the exact same tasks.  All human use 3 areas of the brain simultaneously going about our everyday life. But when it comes to switching tasks, the male brain consumes more energy than a female’s brain and requires a longer period of time to make that switch. It means the process of moving from one task to another is much slower for men than for women. Although MRI brain scans support the findings, no one could offer an explanation as to why this difference exists. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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