Why Stealing From A Hotel Room Can Do Some Good

May 18, 2017

© Dmitry Kalinovsky | Dreamstime

We all know stealing is wrong and in many cases comes with severe consequences.  However when it comes to stealing from a hotel room, it may not only save the planet but help out your fellow human.  Now we're not talking about stealing towels or the hairdryer but you should cram those soaps, shampoos and creams in to you suitcase.  Hotel staff dispose of half-used bottles and soap bars with only a couple of uses, which in many cases end up in a landfill.  Rather than contribute to a growing environmental problem, take them home and finish suing the contents in the bottle and then recycle the plastic bottle.  As for those bars of soap, an organization called Clean The World takes those barely used soap bars, cleans them up and creates new soaps to distribute to developing counties, where one of the leading causes of death among children aged five and under is diarrheal disease, which could be prevented with adequate sanitation and hygiene practices, including washing with soap.  The organization has about 300 hotels chains currently enrolled, including 429 individual hotels and B&Bs, including The Hilton group, Holiday Inns, certain Marriott and Starwood hotels as well as Disney and Universal properties that donate their soaps.  Many local hotels and B&B's participate too, so you could contact them to see if they’d be able to accept soap bars to their collection from previous stays at hotels that do not participate.  Better yet, ask your hotel if they participate and know you’ll be helping the planet and those less fortunate. 


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