Why Restaurants Prefer You Order From A Computer

May 11, 2017

© Leloft1911 | Dreamstime

For the last few years technology has become normal in ordering our food.  From ordering pizza on your phone to ordering dessert from your tabletop table menu at your favorite restaurant.  While you may find it convenient, stores are reeling in your personal habits and choices in an effort to get you to spend more money, and it’s working. Although the human server has always employed "the up-sale" of "would you like fries with that", it isn't very consistent.  But a computer will always push the up-sale and for the customer, a computer won’t judge you for ordering extra cheese sticks. Tabletop tablets at Chili's, Olive Garden, Red Robin and other food chains are responsible for a noticeable increase in sales of desserts and appetizers.  Then as you swipe your debit card, it remembers your menu choices, which can be used to tempt you next time you visit into spending more cash!  With these added sales benefits, it's no wonder fast food restaurants are adding self-serve kiosks inside their restaurants to capitalize on the revenue stream.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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