Why Mothers Hold Children On The Left Side Of Their Body

July 11, 2017

© Bogdan Hoda | Dreamstime

Hey Mom, ever wonder why your left arm is stronger than your right?  You can thank evolution and your baby!  According to a study published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, 85% of women carry their children with their left arm.  It's called left-side bias and this allows for the right side of your brain to process information, specifically emotions. The authors of the study says left-bias is not unique to humans.  Horses, Walruses, Reindeer, Kangaroos and Whales also keep their young to the left side. The study says left-side bias contributes to mother-child bonding as the right hemisphere of your brain helps you to make sense of what you see, allowing you to recognize your baby's expressions and determine what they need.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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