Why McDonald's McFlurry Machine Seems To Always Be Down

January 30, 2017

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We look to treat ourselves every now and then, so you can imagine the frustration of having that rewards come crashing down when you ask for a McDonald's McFlurry, to hear the words, "We're sorry, our McFlurry machine is down."  Come to find out, many McFlurry fans hear that phrase a lot; so much it has its own hashtag on Twitter #McFlurrygate. But there is no vast conspiracy to keep you from enjoying bits of candy mixed together with McDonald’s soft serve.  An investigation by the Wall Street Journal found a very simple reason why the McFlurry machine seems to always be down.  McDonald's policy is that the McFlurry machine must partake a thorough cleaning to make sure it is cleared of bacteria and other germs.  The cleaning requires partial disassembly of the machine and takes four hours to complete.  So depending how busy the store becomes, you could be ordering one in the midst of the cleaning or the cleaning is delayed due to customer demand for other foods and therefore cannot be used.  Although restaurants try to clean the machine at slower times, the odds are your late night snack may ibn that four hour window.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal

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