Why Drink Alone When You Can Break Into Homes For Company?

September 19, 2017
police lights

It has been said that if you are drinking alcohol alone that you have a drinking problem.  Perhaps that was the thinking behind Sean Haller's bizarre behavior last week in Pennsylvania.  Last Tuesday, the 39-year old invited himself inside two different residents, with two 12-packs of beer and plopped down on their couches.  According to police reports the first incident occurred when he allegedly forced his way inside a home to make a drinking buddy. However for undisclosed reasons he left that home and did his crafty move at another women’s house.  While the woman threatened to call police, Haller just sat, popped a top and continued to enjoy his frosty beverages even while the women’s children were in the house.  Police had to forcefully remove Haller who was charged with criminal trespassing. His court date is set for November 1st.

SOURCE: Newser

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