Why Don't We Eat Turkey Eggs?

November 21, 2016

© Rinus Baak | Dreamstime

With Thanksgiving on our minds here's a question you may have never considered, why are there no turkey eggs in the grocery store?  Or why is there no turkey egg omelet option at your favorite restaurant?  At one time, turkey eggs were a common item on restaurant menus and although turkey eggs are richer and creamier than chicken eggs, they are a rarity.  Of course, you can still find them but beware they're pricey, costing as much as $2 to $3 each! While turkeys lay eggs like their chicken cousins, they only lay one or two eggs a week, whereas a chicken can produce an egg a day.  Not to mention turkey are larger and use up more space in the coup, so it's not cost effective for farmers to produce them in larger quantities.  Of course some local farmers do offer them and using a turkey egg will cause you to recalculate recipe mixtures as the eggs are about 50% larger than a chicken egg and come with  twice as many calories and grams of fat and nearly four times as much cholesterol.

SOURCE: Modern Farmer

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