Why Disposable Razor Blades Costs So Much

July 28, 2016

Usually new products start off at a high price and drop down to more reasonable levels, partly due to competition, partly due to manufacturing costs.  That is true for nearly every other product but disposable razor blades cartridges.  Gillette and Schick dominate the disposable razor blade market and have for decades.  So why after multiple years do refill packs of disposable blades still costs roughly $2 per cartridge? It comes down to the manufacturing process.  As simple as a razor blade seems, the process to make it is quite complex and only a few manufacturing plants are able to make then.  Starting with the steel used; being so think and strong requires special techniques to grind steel so that it’s very sharp at its tip and very strong at its base. That gives it both stability and a really crisp cutting surface.  By comparison, razor blades are the sharpest items in your house and are a little less sharp than a surgeon's scalpel. Mixed that with an exhaustive amount of research that goes into developing razor blades in the first place, which can sometimes take years before a blade is actually brought to market.  But mostly it's because there are near monopolies.  The vast majority of smaller companies can’t even begin to make headway unless they create their own (very expensive) equipment, which has given the big shaving companies license to charge whatever they want. However for men and women, a more cost-effective disposable razor solution is to go back to the past.  Razor cartridges are still patented, while sing-blazes cost as low as $.10 per blade, you may go through more of them but you'll get a lot more blades than the $2 per cartridge packs.

Source: Mental Floss

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