Why Date Night Is So Important For Married Couples

September 27, 2016


Sometimes it's hard to keep the romance alive in a marriage, especially with all the daily distractions, commitments and the kids.  But pausing at least once a month and making a "date night" with your spouse could be the key to staying married happily ever after.  Researchers at Lincoln University found that scheduling monthly "date nights" reduced the chances a couple would split up by 14%.  Going to the movies, a sit down dinner and getting away from the kids for just one evening can help keep the spark of love alive.  Of 9,969 couples surveyed, 11% managed a weekly date night, 30% dated once a month, 23% over a month and 36% never did so. The research did not see an increase of a successful marriage by increasing date night from monthly to weekly.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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