Why Chew Chocolate When You Can Snort it!

June 21, 2017

© Mikael Damkier | Dreamstime

Coco Loko is the latest company to enter the chocolate market, but it doesn't come in a bar. Coco Loko is a fine cacao powder that you snort up your nose, which not only satisfies your chocolate cravings but gives a rush of energy. Legal Lean, an Orlando company, is capitalizing on the recent trend of people snorting chocolate.  Coca Loko chocolate is made from the cocoa bean but is cooked at a lower temperate to create cacao, which keeps more of its beneficial nutrients, which can boost your mood and relax your muscles. The small round containers of Coco Loko, which have a list price of $24.99, hold 10 servings, which can be snorted or mixed into drinks. 

SOURCE: US News & World Report

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