Why Chefs Say You Should Be Pounding Your Chicken Breasts

August 17, 2017

© Marian Vejcik | Dreamstime

Chicken is a top choice for many dinner tables but there's a good chance that chicken breast is juicy at one end and dry on the other.  It's why you should be pounding your chicken breast before cooking.  As brutal as it sounds, pounding meat can transform an uneven protein into a uniformed surface that will cook evenly.  Simply sandwich the chicken breast in between parchment paper to stick it inside a baggie. Then using a kitchen mallet or rolling pin, take out your frustrations on the meat to even it out.  Now only will it cook better, you are tenderizing it with all that hitting. Just remember to not go overboard to rush the process as you may end up tearing the meat.

SOURCE: Skillet

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