Why Cats Scratch Furniture & How To Reduce The Destruction

September 25, 2017

It may be seen as a cat's spiteful nature to target expensive couches and chairs to shred with their claws.  But you can thank nature and not your cat's personality for that.  According to cat behaviorists, cats gravitate toward scratching furniture mostly because it's highly visible and that visibility can be vital in sending messages to other cats.  So that shredded arm and leg of chairs couches and ottomans is a visual marker that this area is claimed.  Plus the clawed furniture captures the cat's scent as added security.  But it’s not just territorial as cats also scratch to remove sloughed-off nail tips, allowing fresh nail growth to occur. And are great resources to use for stretching.  So to reduce the chances of destroyed furniture, place cat scratch posts in highly visible areas, make sure they are non-carpeted as their nails can get caught on the fibers and they are tall enough to allow for a good stretch.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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