Why Are Cats Drawn To Taped Outline Of Boxes On The Floor?

April 17, 2017

© Alon Othnay | Dreamstime

Cats love boxes, even virtual ones.  The latest Internet craze for cat owners confirms this as people are trapping cats in squares made of tape stuck to the floor. Danielle Matheson noted that her mother had used duct tape to create a square on her hard wood floor, only to have her cats drawn to the box and to sit and lay inside of it!  Inspired or in disbelief, it prompted others to do the same with some cats ignoring them while others stating their cat had staked claim inside the taped off box.  While other said their cats were even purring inside the virtual box. Scientist are baffled as to why cats are drawn inside the taped lines of a box.  One theory is the cats are drawn by the scent of the tape out of curiosity.  Another is the cat's survival mechanism, when it experiences something new it has to check out whether it is safe or dangerous.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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