The White Lie Behind Secret Family Recipes

March 6, 2018


This may come across as disturbing but those “old family recipes” are actually, in all likelihood, ripped off from magazines or food packaging. Gasp!  Is it true that Grandma's handwritten recipes are just plagiarized from the back of a flour package or a famous cookbook?  Most likely.  The web site Atlas Obscura inquired about their reader's favorite hand-me-down recipe from mom or grandma and found the majority, if not all, were indeed recipes printed on food packages or cookbooks.  Back in the early 20th century as the food industry increasingly turned to mass production, free cookbooks and recipes in newspapers and magazines were a very popular way of promoting growing brands. To organize all those recipes, your mother or grandmother decided to copy them into one (or two) recipe books.  Although the recipes may have been mass produced, the likelihood of cooks taking liberties with adding or substituting ingredients would tweak it enough to be Me-Maw's. Or perhaps she just had a special way of making your favorite dishes with love, which we all know makes anything taste better!

SOURCE: Atlas Obscura

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