Whispering Videos help You Fall Asleep

February 22, 2017

© Andres Rodriguez Dreamstime

How did you sleep last night? Or dare we ask, did you get any sleep at all?  The everyday stresses of life keep many up when we'd rather be catching up on sleep. Sleep may be in the form of a series of YouTube videos of people whispering.  It's officially called ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and you may have heard about it before.  In short, a physical sensation, such as brushing hair and head scratching, causes a tingly feeling that radiates from your head through your spine and to the limbs, relaxing you to the point where your mind may slow down enough for you to relax.  Apparently, whispering is the most common trigger of this phenomenon and that's great because a video can't brush your hair.  The YouTube channel, The Water Whispers features many videos that are designed to whisper you to sleep.

SOURCE: The Independent

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