Which Tasted Better: Corked or Screw Top Wine?

July 31, 2017

© Daniel Draghici | Dreamstime

Does wine from a corked bottle taste better than wine from a screw cap?  That's the question scientists are asking and they are seeking volunteer to find out once and for all.  Corks has been used for hundreds of years to allow wine to age properly in bottles.  But some say screw caps are better as they reduce the risk of the cork tainting or spoiling because the cork did not seal the bottle properly.  Scientist are using brain-scanning technology to test how the sounds, aromas and sensations associated with opening a wine bottle influence their taste buds. The experiment, which was conducted over the weekend, marks the first effort by scientists to definitively prove which closure, the natural or synthetic cork or the metal screw cap, provides the best drinking experience. The results will be released later this year.


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