When Your Dash Cam Video Footage Backfires

April 17, 2018


Only in Florida would an arrested man turns over his dashcam to prove his innocence only to be arrested for an earlier crime he committed caught on his dashcam.  25-year old Xavier Moran of Royal Palm Beach was driving his car when suddenly another driver cut him off, which caused a vehicle crash on April 5th.  While being questioned by a Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputy, he quickly offered his vehicle’s dashcam video to prove he was not a fault for the accident.  So he signed a consent waiver to search the camera. While the deputy was watching the footage he discovered that three hours earlier, the same dashcam allegedly showed Xavier Moran backing into a parking space in front of a Sally’s Beauty Supply store, taking a bat from the car’s trunk, breaking the glass door leading into the business and then beating a safe to open it.  Of course, Xavier was arrested due to this video evidence.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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