When You Should Tip At A Fast Food Restaurant

November 9, 2016

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One of the more confusing concepts in America is tipping.  From wait staff to your hair stylist it can be a confusing situation that can lead to some hard feelings because you don't know the custom.  You know about tipping your wait staff but how about the tip jar at a coffee house or fast food restaurant.  According to the Emily Post Institute on tipping, there is no obligation to leave a tip for an employee pouring a cup of coffee or placing your food in a bag.  However these employees are generally paid minimum wage, so if you are a regular customer that receives exceptional service, pony up a tip.  Or if you have a complicated order, consider making a donation for that minimum wage employee making the extra effort to make sure your order is correct.  As for traveling, there are several tips.  Of course tipping the bellhop for taking your bags to your room is a given but do you leave a tip for housekeeping?  Generally housekeepers should get between $1 and $5 per night, left daily with a note specifying that it’s for them. Tip a dollar if the staff has to bring you something extra, like a cot or an extra blanket, and tip your concierge $5 to $10 depending on whether you’re getting restaurant recommendations or a hard-to-get theater ticket. Finally tipping the valet for parking.  Generally you only tip the valet who retrieves your car and that is around $2-$5.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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