When We Make The Most Grammatical Mistakes Of The Day

September 28, 2016


Replying to emails can be a daunting task, especially when there are several that need your immediate attention.  But is there a better time of the day to reply? Grammarly, a web and Microsoft Office add-on that corrects spelling and grammar mistakes has analyzed our fast fingers, counted out mistakes and found that relying too early in the morning is bad but not as bad as responding late at night.  On average, for every 100 words typed between 4am and 8am, there were 11.8 grammatical mistakes, such as spelling and punctuation.  Those replying to email between 10pm and 2am make 14.3 mistakes. On the flip side, email writers made the fewest mistakes in the afternoon between 1pm and 5pm with just 3.7 mistakes per 100 words.  As for social media posts, we’re three times more likely to post grammatical no-no's than on emails, most likely because we're more informal on the sites with early birds making 34 mistakes per 100 words compared to nearly 42 mistakes for night owls. As for the top mistakes? Everyday vs Every Day, to vs too and apostrophe mistakes (its vs it's) tops the list.

SOURCE: Grammarly

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