When To Wash Household Items From The Experts

January 12, 2018

Nothing screams excitement more than cleaning the house!  Ah, the joy of washing, scrubbing, folding and dusting can make you cringe.  While wiping down counters and running the vacuum quickly can buy you sometime, there's always a deep clean to come. While you strive to keep a tidy home you may not be cleaning your bed sheets, towels, curtains and other linen as regularly as you should. So here are some guides to clean and some creepy factoid that'll accompany them as the "motivator".  Let's start with your bed sheets.  Over the course of an average night sleep on 8 hours, we generally sweat 25ml per hour. That is the equivalent of a whole bottle of perfume drenching your sheets by morning!  Eww!  We also naturally shed our skin which creates a warm environment for dust miles. So you should wash your bed sheets (just the sheets) weekly in 140 degree hot water. You pillow and duvet should be washed at least once every three months (check to make sure your duvet isn’t dry clean only). As for your bath towel, it should be washed every two days in 140 degree hot water.  All those drying off sessions from the shower or bath removes a layer of dead skin cells, acting as a exfoliator and for bacteria, it's a 24 hour all-you-can-eat buffet.  Add half a cup of baking powder to the wash load to get rid of any musty odors. Shower curtains should be washed once a month to reduce mold and mildew build up. Bath and pedestal mats should be washed in 140 degree hot water at least once a week. Off to the kitchen, where the hand towel there is multi-functioning.  So it can become cross contaminated. Bacteria from raw meat and dirty vegetables can be easily transferred onto kitchen towels when kitchen utensils are dried. Then if those towels are used to dry hands, this can cause sickness. So wash kitchenhand towels every day in 140 degree hot water.  Also keep one towel separate for drying dishes and another for everything else (including your hands).

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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