When Should You Get A Flu Shot

September 19, 2016


Although autumn doesn’t start until Thursday, advertisements for the flu shot has been running strong since August, and have been quite urgent in their wording.   Although this year's flu vaccine has been available since August, it may be a bit too early to get one.  The urgency for everyone to get a flu shot now lies more in marketing than functionality.  Over the past few years, more and more locations have become authorized to give the vaccine, meaning competition for your business is strong and marketing is the weapon of choice with tempting coupons, shopping passes and gift cards to entice you.  Now an early flu shot is better than none but the earlier you get one, the less effective it may be in defending you during flu season. Being that the flu season peaks in mid-winter, a late summer flu shot may not be as effective as a mid-autumn one. So when should you opt for a flu shot? One experts recommends between Halloween and Thanksgiving and perhaps a little earlier for those over 65.  Check with your Doctor for their recommendations on when you should get one.  However the Centers for Disease Control is not recommending the nasal-administered flu vaccine this year. So the shot is the way to go!


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