When It's Time To Toss Out The Undies!

March 26, 2018

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 So you know you should chance your home's air filter once a month, wash you sheets once a week and shampoo your carpets once a year.  But we never recall any dates as to when you should toss out your underwear!  While many women have drawers upon drawers of undergarments and guys would argue that even when the elastic band is no longer elastic and they're practically see-through are still doing their job effectively, some experts say there is definitely a shelf life for underwear. Although there is no hard expiration date, you should be discarding your bras about six to eight months after purchasing. That’s because washing machines cause the padding in bras to lose their shape so after six to eight months and the undergarments will begin to feel loose and lose their slack. However, washing your bras in cold water can help the elastic last a little longer as can rotating a number of bras at once. While some underwear have padded areas, for those without padding, you can get away with a few more washes and wears than bras.  Experts say you should toss out your draws after a year. The main point is to head to the store when you notice the signs of elastic failure. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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