When The Google And Bing Maps Cars Meet

December 26, 2017

© Sirinarth Mekvorawuth | Dreamstime

Rivalries have long been a part of our culture.  From Coke vs Pepsi to Target vs Walmart, they bring out the best 9and sometimes the worst) in us.  Now that we're firmly in the 21st century a newer rivalry exists between Google and Bing.  The two Internet giants offer many service including map services.  Of course each constantly update their maps so it would be inevitable that one day their mapping cars would cross paths.  Apparently that happened in at 4801 Glacier Lane North in the town of Plymouth, Minnesota in 2014, when the Google car captured the Bing car and vice versa. In fact, the Google driver gave a friendly wave to the Bing driver.  However you won't see this on the Bing web site.  Apparently the Google car has been cut out of the picture on the Bing site, only leaving it roof-mounted camera in site.  While the image from the Google car only blurs the face of the driver but clearly leaves the branded car in. The findings were recently brought up by an alert Tumblr user who shares the two viewpoints.


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