When A DUI Suspect Drives His Car Into The Brand New Anti-DUI Sheriff's Car, You Know It Happened In Florida

May 23, 2017


The Citrus County Sheriff's Office were beaming with pride after unveiling their brand new drunk-driving awareness vehicle.  They got a chance to show it off at Saturday's annual Kings Bay Pirate Festival, which is one of Crystal River's biggest celebrations of the year.   63-year old Paul M. Wilkins definitely enjoyed himself; a little too much as allegedly had a few too many alcoholic beverages.  While driving his car home, he happened to stumble across a Sheriff's DUI checkpoint on Hwy 19 and Citrus Avenue, with sheriff’s vehicles red and blue lights flashing.  But that didn't seem to faze Wilkins as he allegedly drove through a series of orange cones and hitting a detective's parked vehicles that rolled back into the new drunk-driving awareness vehicle. The police report stated that Wilkins didn't see the cones or flashing lights.  Wilkins was arrested for DUI and was the first person to be transported to jail in the new drunk-driving awareness vehicle, which incidentally, was the first person to damage the car too.

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