When In Doubt, Trust Your Gut

March 26, 2018

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If you're having a hard time making a decision, then trust your gut instinct. That's the advice of scientists who claim our instinctive reactions act as a 'red signal' that stops our brain from making mistakes.  Researchers say that gut feeling is actually in your gastrointestinal tract. Our GI tract is more than 100 times larger than the surface of the skin, and it sends more signals to the brain than any other organ system in the body. While our brains send out messages and commands to out body, our body sends information to our brains that are used to determine action. Many times out gut send us bad information based on our diet.  Evidence suggests eating poorly can cause the gut's protective, cautionary signals to falter, leading to altered mood and behavior. Evidence shows that modifying the diet, perhaps by consuming probiotics, can impact your mood and behavioral state, so having a healthy digestive system can lead to better signals reaching the brain.  So when it doubt, trust your gut.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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