What You Should Clean Before The House Cleaner Arrives

April 13, 2018

While many chuckle at those who clean up their homes before the housekeeper arrives, there is some valid reasons to employ the practice.  For one, house cleaners are not house organizers, which means the clutter of mail, magazines and that pile of clothes is something you should organize, or clean up, before they arrive. Feel free to put all your clutter in one room or on one surface, then tell the cleaner to just ignore that space. Most house cleaners have many homes to clean a day, so if you have delicate and fragile items, you may want to clean them yourself. Although your house cleaner should have insurance, many items are unreplaceable.  If you don’t know where to draw the line between your job and the cleaner’s, write out two lists: one of the cleaning tasks you wish someone would do for you, and one of the tasks you like to do yourself. You can show that to your cleaner, ideally while you’re still discussing their time commitment and their fee.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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