What You Need To Know When Flying A Low Cost Airline

October 16, 2017

The holidays are approaching and for many that means a trip across the country.  But if you've been looking at airline ticket prices you may have noticed they're surprisingly cheap!  Low-cost airlines have been hugely popular in saving you lots of money but before booking your flight there are some things you need to know so that you aren't surprised, disappointed and angry when you're at the airport.  Low cost airlines such as Spirit, Allegiant and Frontier cut costs by eliminating many amenities you may be accustomed to having. Besides extra costs for bags, even carry-ons, usually everything is ala carte.  Want a window seat?  That will cost you extra.  Want a drink of water?  That will cost you. Also give your trip some wiggle room.  Many low-cost airlines have higher than average flight delays and cancellations without any hotel and other travel assistance offered.  Traveling with a pet?  If it cannot be stored in a carrier under the front seat (for an additional fee of course) then plan to board your dog or cat they're not transported in the baggage area.  So if you are still wanting to save some cash by flying a low cost airline, do everything online, such as check in and print your boarding passes as you may encounter fees or long lines at the ticket counter. Bring your own beverages, food and entertainment. While customer satisfaction remains high for low cost airlines, they also are widely popular.  So now you know what to expect, happy flying!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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