What A Yawn Really Means

October 6, 2016

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You usually associate a yawn with being tired, just waking up or bored to pieces.  However that yawn may prove you have a big brain.  Biologists have discovered a surprising relationship between the length of time mammals yawn for and how big and complex their brains are. Primates, including our own species, tend to have the longest yawns of all compared to other species that are up to 50% longer than other mammals. Although humans do not have the greatest brain weight – elephants have by far the largest brain by weight alone - our brains have more neurons in their cortex than any other species.  it doesn't really clear up the fog as to why we yawn but the most popular theory is that it may be a way of controlling the temperature in the brain, as like our computers, our brains work best within a narrow temperature range. 

SOURCE: Newser

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