What Not To Say To Someone With Cancer

February 9, 2017

There isn't one life that somehow isn't connected with cancer and for our friends and family who have been diagnosed, currently fighting and surviving the battle, we can struggle to find the right words to offer support.  While some find it uncomfortable discussing their situation, others have no qualms going into great detail about it.  However there are some words, phrases and topics you should avoid altogether.  While trying to be emphatic, you end up coming off as a total idiot!  A project was completed in which researchers and psychologists interview woman who were diagnosed with breast cancer in their 30s and 40s and although they each handled the news differently, they all agreed these are the worst things you could say to someone with cancer. #1-Don't tell them what you would do in their situation. It isn't your decision and you have no room to reflect what you would do; after all it isn't about you.  Rather offer unconditional support, offering to be with them no matter how they plan to fight. #2-Don't become so emotional that they support you.  Although devastating news, again it isn't about you.  So offer a shoulder to cry on rather than use their shoulder to support your feelings. #3-Don't assume they need help to do things. We love our independence, even when we are ill.  So unless it is requested, keep your specific offers to help with everyday tasks such as child care, going shopping, cleaning their house, walking the dog until asked. #4-Don't research the cancer they have then offer statistics.  You aren't the doctor and many cancer patients don't want to know the odds.  Rather than offer informational advice, offer to go with them to a doctor's appointment to take notes for them so this can help them to remember all the information that was discussed.

SOURCE: Healthista

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