What Happens To Your Body After Swallowing A Laundry Pod

January 18, 2018

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As kids we did silly things but unlike our childhood, today's kids have the Internet to spread silly ideas.  Such as the Tide Pod Challenge where people are putting laundry detergent pods into their mouth and biting or swallowing them.  While it can be a no-brainer this "challenge" is beyond ridiculous, it is deadly.  Teen often feel invincible so we thought we'd take you through a journey of a body after ingesting a laundry detergent pod.  While the pods work wonders to clean your clothes, they contain concentrated chemicals.  So once the film is busted the liquids are released.  If swallowed the ethanol, peroxide, and long-chain polymers begin to burn the lining of your mouth.  It's not a figure of speech, it actually begins eating away the tissue that makes up your gums and inner cheeks. This burning continues down your esophagus and into your stomach, and other parts of your gastrointestinal tract as the ingredients make their way through your digestive system. Your body will most likely begin to vomit; so much of it you run the risk of aspirating that vomit, meaning you could literally breathe it into your lungs. For any detergent left in your system those long-chain polymers work on the other end of your digestive system working like a massive dose of stool softeners.  The term "explosive" is used frequently. The detergent absorbed into your blood system and begin to affect your organs which can cause your lungs to fill with liquid and trigger seizures, coma, and eventually death; all in a very short length of time!  All for a silly online challenge. Procter & Gamble, the maker of leading brand laundry pods, including the Tide Pods, says its product should be used only to clean clothes and should never be ingested, even as a joke. So skip this one.  Odds are they'll be another one shortly.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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