This Is What Happened To The Dog Who Peed On A Man Sitting Down

October 18, 2017

© Andrewmits | Dreamstime

You may have seen the video of a man sitting on the curb of a street fiddling with his phone when a white dog comes up from behind, lifts his leg and "marks his territory" all over his back. 

The man in the video is 27-year old Heinze Sanchez of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and surveillance video caught the stray dog using him as a fire hydrant. He admits he wasn't happy being peed on by a dog and he charged towards the stray and threatened him with a kick. But the pup was able to run away before being hit.  But something unexpected happened the following day when Sanchez went back to the neighborhood to look for the dog.  Although it may sound like revenge is on his mind, Sanchez was able to find the stray dog.  He called the dog over, who came up to him quickly while wagging his tail. Then the two played a bit after recognizing each other and it was then when Sanchez's plan panned out.  He decided to adopt the stray and took him home. 

Since then, Enzo as the dog is now known, the two stay close together with Enzo crying when Sanchez leaves home. His heartfelt adoption Facebook post has gone viral with over 34,000 likes and over 6,400 heartwarming shares.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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