What To Do With Those Solar Eclipse Glasses After The Eclipse

August 22, 2017

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Now that the Great American Eclipse is in the history books, what do you do with those solar glasses?  A mere 24 hours ago they were the item everybody wanted but only a few had.  But today you've got to wonder what to do with them.  While you can use them for the next solar eclipse in July of 2019 but that would require traveling to central Chile and Argentina in South America, we've found some uses for them that are a bit more practical. For one, you can use them as part of your Halloween costume for the ultimate solar eclipse fan.  You can put them in the scrapbook with all of the other concert ticket stubs and memorabilia you keep. You can give them to your mom or dad when you forget to buy a mother's or father's day present.  You can put them on when you run into your ex so you can literally not see them or better yet, just mail them to your ex instead with a note that says “these are useless, just like you.” You can wear them three weeks from now, and Instagram a picture of yourself wearing them, with the caption, “remember when I looked like this for five minutes?” — The ultimate #TBT.  Or you can use them to look at the sun anytime but remember to review the manufacturer’s instructions on how long to view the sun and when to toss them into the recycling bin. Read teh complete list (hilarious) from Elite Daily HERE

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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