What To Do If Your Phone Is Stolen

March 1, 2018

© Nitsuki | Dreamstime

It's one of the worst feelings in the world, you've lost your phone, tablet or watch or someone has stolen it.  Beyond the unexpected costs of paying for a replacement device, a lot of your memories and personal information is on it.  The good news is you can remotely delete all that information from the stolen device and restore all your pictures, contacts and texts to another one.  For Apple and Android devices, you need to make sure your device is constantly creating backup files.  While Android automatically defaults settings t allow you to remotely delete your phone, Apple products will need to be set up to "find my iPhone", which can be set up by clicking on settings, tapping your name, then iCloud and scroll down to "Find My iPhone" and turn it on.  In case of the unthinkable happens and your lost phone's battery is dead or a thief has turned it off, you can log into your account from a computer and select the lost/stolen device.  It will give you options to play a sound, lock the device or simply erase it. The last option is the only way to ensure your personal information isn't accessed by a thief.  Then once the lost/stolen phone powers back on, it will in essence self-destruct and erase all your data stored on it.  The good news is that if you have a recent backup, you can easily transfer all that information to a new device in a matter of minutes.  It's another good reason to set your phone to back up regularly.

Instructions on how to remotely erase an Apple device (SOURCE: Lifewire)

Instructions on how to remotely erase an Android device (SOURCE: AndroidPit)