What Do The Function Keys Do On Your Computer Keyboard?

January 6, 2017

© Lukáš Hejtman | Dreamstime

Once upon a time, in the dark days of DOS, the function keys on the top row of keys played an important role in word processing.  In today's windows world, most of those functions are handled by the mouse but the F-keys still work and can save you some time.  For instance, the F1 key opens the Help Screen on nearly every program. F2 can be used to change the name on a selected folder. F3 opens a search/find window for the program currently being used. F5 refreshes/reloads the page or document. Pressing F6 while online will instantly move your cursor to the web address bar. F7 opens spell check in most Microsoft applications including Word. F11 switches your Internet browser to and from full screen mode.

SOURCE: Bright Side

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