What Color Wine Gives You The Worst Hangover?

August 5, 2016

Drinking alcohol and the dreaded hangover have been associated with each other since the dawn of time. While some people swear the heaviness of red wine gives them a worse hangover, others insist the acidity in white wine plays havoc with their stomach the next day.  So which color wine really causes the worst hangover? Cue in science, which has determined the color wine, as well as all beer and liquor, can affect how you feel the next day. The darker the color, the worse.  Science explains that strength of your hangover is determined by the amount of congeners you consume. Congeners are the toxic byproduct of the fermenting process. The more alcohol you've consumed, the more congeners you'll have - the darker the color the more congeners it contains - so the worse you'll feel. Having said that, congeners don't dominate everything. For those who drink clear spirits know you can have a bad hangover from those too. So it isn't solely congeners fault for hangovers. How much you mixed, how quickly you drank, and how good your body is at metabolizing alcohol determine how you feel.  But if you want to avoid hangover altogether, avoid binge-drinking and be a bit kinder to yourself by trying to drink lighter-colored alcohol drinks and mix in a few glasses of water in between your drinks too.  

SOURCE: Delish

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