What To Change If You Are Starving Ahead Of Lunch

November 1, 2017

Find yourself nibbling at your lunch long before your lunch break? Two factors are in play here, according to a dietician, an early start to your day and a wrong breakfast mix. If you relatively fit, exercise and eat your breakfast before 7am, you should consider adding a fourth meal time to your day.  On average, you'll need an additional 300-4oo calories a day, which is not a lot and can easily be overconsumed especially if you are really hungry.  So think about splitting lunch into two smaller lunches, one late morning and then one early afternoon. Not only will this approach mean that you shift your focus away from snacks to balanced meals but you will find that you are a lot more satisfied and thinking about food far less. The other route would be to take a deep look at your breakfast.  If it consists of a banana, toast an coffee, you will need to eat again within three hours as those carbs are used faster than a protein packed breakfast of yogurt, eggs and Canadian bacon, which should keep you full for five to six hours. 


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