What To Avoid When You're A Wedding Guest

June 27, 2018

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The season of weddings are here and perhaps it has been a while since you went to a ceremony, so we thought we'd give a refresher on the worst things you can do as a guests at a wedding. First is to put down your phone, tablet and camera.  Your friends probably spent a lot of time finding the perfect photographer and have dropped thousands of dollars to pay for professional coverage of their day, so don't ruin it for them by potentially blocking the pros shot during the most important moments.  Don't be surprised to check your phone before being seated as more couples are opting for an "unplugged" ceremony.  As for the happy couple, avoid attempting to make contact before the ceremony. Unless you've been explicitly invited to hang with the couple while getting ready on their wedding day, they have enough going on and don't need you to add to the excitement. Give them the gift of time and space in those pre-ceremony moments and save your outpouring of joy to congratulate them later in the day. Be careful not to embarrass the couple if you are itching to make a speech at the reception. Speeches can be one of the most moving and memorable parts of a wedding day, except when they aren't. Steer clear of exes, inside jokes, and highlighting your pal's awkward moments. It might be all in good fun, but make sure it's fun for your friends and their families too. Don't try to direct anything such as the music, the decor or the lighting, because you've "known the couple their whole lives" or because you just know "it's their favorite." The wedding couple spent time planning all the little details and finding the perfect vendors to execute them. So unless you were part of those multiple planning meetings, this is probably a time to keep your opinion to yourself and trust that your friends really do love that song/uplighting/cake-topper that you find atrocious. Finally and perhaps the most important rule is to not bring uninvited guests. You are one of their chosen people, but depending on their budget, traditions, and desires, this may not include your new partner, your kiddo or your family pet. Wedding invitations are usually pretty clear in spelling out who is invited, but if you're confused, ask your friends to clarify before you send in your formal RSVP. Don't ask if you can bring your date, ask them who exactly is invited.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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