What Athletes Make Winning In The Olympics

February 13, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics games are spotlighting the world's best athletes at the Pyeong Chang as we cheer on Team USA to bring home the gold!  And the best way to quickly check if you've got gold or pyrite, gold's deceptive cousin, is to give it a quick nibble with your teeth.  The soft gold will bend if it's real.  While 100% gold medals haven’t been used since the 1912 games, it’s a photo-op moment.  Ironically, today's medals are mostly composed of silver with about 1.34% of actually gold surrounding the medal.  But those medals also come with a paycheck.  The United States Olympic Committee pay gold medalists with $37,500; $22,500 for silver; and $15,000 for bronze and just like a paycheck, tax is to be collected. However the so-called Federal "victory tax" was repealed in 2016, but those with state income taxes will still need to include it on their taxes. While it may feel awkward to ask for money when you just proved to the world you're the best, Olympic athletes could get paid zero, as they are in the United Kingdom.

SOURCE: Thrillist & Mental Floss

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