Website Compares Costs Of Owning A Car Vs Using A Ride Share System

January 2, 2018

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The introduction of Lyft and Uber has revolutionized the way we travel across town!  In as little as a minute you can have easy, comfortable transportation to the grocery store, movie theater and even work for just a few dollars.  So it reasons to question if it is cheaper to use Lyft and Uber instead of owning a car? Now you can find out for yourself with a web site called Ride or Drive.  It looks at the costs of owning or leasing a vehicle, loan term, interest rate, fuel efficiency, and other factors to get a gauge on how much a vehicle purchase will set you back over the years. Then it considers how many trips you take per day, the duration of each, and the annual mileage you accumulate. Then you're asked to put in the dollar amount of your time per hour. Not only does the web site calculate the amount of money you pay in owning and operating a car, it gives you an estimate on the amount of money paid for using Lyft or Uber. If your car is less expensive, more fuel efficient, and you get a good deal of use out of it, chances are that buying a vehicle is your best bet, as Fast Company points out. However, Uber or Lyft might be the better choice for people who don’t have long commutes or have their eye on a gas guzzler. CHECK OUT WHAT THE COST DIFFERENCE FOR YOU [CLICK HERE]. 

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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