Web Site Posts All Class Action Lawsuits For Products

November 9, 2016

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You buy products all the time yet hundreds of them are recalled and of those, some are even involved in a class action lawsuit.  But how do you know if your product is part of a lawsuit?  Top Class Actions.com is a web site that tracks all product class-action lawsuits and even gives you specific instructions to be induced in the suit.  For instance, if you purchased a MyPillow, you may be entitled to damages as the company made false health claims to treat sleep apnea and insomnia.  Consumers can receive $5 if they bought up to three pillows, and an additional $5 if they bought three or more and still have their proof of purchase to turn in. Purchased a Seventh Generation product because they were marketed as “non-toxic” and “hypoallergenic” when they contain substances that can be toxic to human skin?  You are entitled to a refund with no proof of purchase needed.  Check out all the class action lawsuits on products. 

SOURCE: Top Class Actions

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