Web Site Finds Perfect Weather For Your Wedding

May 29, 2018

© Viorel Dudau | Dreamstime

Summer generally is the busiest season for weddings with June being the most popular month to exchange vows.  But it also means out notorious thunderstorms can ruin your outdoor service. Bloomingdales benefits from weddings, so they want to make sure yours goes off without a weather hitch.  So the retail giant has created a new website tool that helps couples pick the perfect day for their wedding. The site, dubbed The Best Day For Your Big Day, uses weather data to analyze the best dates for weddings. It works by using historical weather data over the last 37 years to predict the forecast. Optimal days in over 1,000 cities were determined on the basis of the comfortable average temperature of 72ºF, low cloud cover, low chance of precipitation, and comfortable relative humidity of 50%. For instance, the perfect summer wedding day for Gainesville is June 17th and June 24th for Ocala. The perfect fall wedding date is October 13th for Gainesville and October 21st for Ocala.  A winter wonderland of love is perfect on February 24th for both Ocala and Gainesville.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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