Web Site Calculates Costs To Determine If It's Better To Drive Or Fly

October 4, 2016


The holidays are getting closer and that means getting together with family.  That usually leads to the decision, do you drive or do you fly?  Now you can get some help courtesy of the web site, Travel Math dot com.  A very simple web site that takes into account distance, airplane ticket costs and gas prices, the number of travelers, the cost of hotels for multi-day road trips, fuel efficiency, and even the price of wear and tear on your vehicle. Generally speaking the shorter the journey, it is generally better to drive.  However add more distance and more people, it becomes more cost efficient to fly. For instance, traveling from Gainesville or Ocala to Key West, Travel Math found it would be cheaper to fly there instead of drive.  Although it is cheaper to drive and pay roughly $92 in gas rather than $200 to fly, you save time.  The program also takes into account the value of your time in relation to your paycheck, so taking the whole day off to drive may cost you more money than working half a day in the morning and traveling in the afternoon.  Even cooler is you can change the variables, such as your vehicles miles per gallon, airport fees (like parking), airline layovers and hotel and local transportation costs.  Try it out for yourself here!

SOURCE: Travelmath.com

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