Web Extension Lets You Negotiate Price When Shopping Online

June 22, 2018


It would appear the art of price haggling are over in this digital age of online shopping but there are still some back and forth possible on getting the lowest price with PriceWaiter extension.  Here is how it works.  You are doing your online shopping and stumble across an item for sale, and if it's eligible, you’ll get a big, pink bar pop up at the top of your browser stating the item is open for price negotiation.  Then the "Make An Offer" button and enter the price you'd be willing to pay.  Finally, click "Submit Offer" and cross your fingers as PriceWaiter will scour the service’s network to see if any merchants are willing to meet you at that price. You'll get a reply back accepting your offer or a lower price than advertised.  The best part is you are not obligated to make any purchase! The free PriceWaiter extension only works on Google Chrome web browsers. While the PriceWaiter selection of eligible items to be a little small, the extension itself is unobtrusive enough that it’s worth keeping around in your browser’s background. With luck, you’ll save some money. [CLICK HERE] to download to your Chrome web browser.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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