Web Browsers To Mute Videos That Automatically Play Online

September 18, 2017

© Lisa F. Young | Dreamstime

One of the most annoying things about the Internet are those web site that automatically start to play audio and video.  While you are trying to be discreet, the damage has already been done.  Some good news though, it appears are planning to launch updates that will mute most videos and audios automatically. While Safari and Chrome will release updates to their Internet browser software that will quiet your surfing. Apple is targeting cookies, the data that your web browser stores for future web visits that remembers your shopping cart and clicking history, which is a gem for advertisers who use the stored data to target ads towards your browsing history. Safari will automatically delete your cookies after 24 hours with its update High Sierra software update coming this fall, Google will require Chrome users to will be able to set their auto play preferences for each Google account, with their Chrome 64 update coming in January. There are those that are not happy with the move, mainly those in advertising who have made a plea to Apple to not include the automatic cleansing of cookies, which is stored for 30 days currently.  Considering Apple's Safari is used by 52% of mobile users and Google's Chrome is used by 39% of mobile users, it is a big move that most likely will be received with open arms by web users.


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